• Read the short account of the US airlines industry (Assessment 2 – Background Information.pdf)… 1 answer below »

• Read the short account of the US airlines industry (Assessment 2 – Background Information.pdf) and prepare a 2500 word report that addresses the following:
– With the aid of a clearly drawn diagram conduct a competitive forces analysis of the U.S. airline industry. What does this analysis tell you about the causes of low profitability in this industry? What are the principal advantages and disadvantages of using the five forces framework?
– The economic performance of the airline industry seems to be very cyclical. Why do you think this is the case?
– Given your analysis, what strategies do you think an airline should adopt to improve its chances of being persistently profitable?
• This assessment focuses on Strategic Position.
– In preparing your report, you should demonstrate understanding and application of the strategic concepts that are outlined in Part I: Strategic Position of the textbook.
• Major elements:
– Environment
– Purpose
– Culture
– Capability
• Read through textbook to identify appropriate strategic concepts to apply.
Please follow the instructions in the attachments:1.) A2_Overview.pptx (Gives the Marking Criteria)2.) Assessment 2 – Background information.pdf (Gives the context of the assignment)3.) Lecture Notes.zip (Lecture Notes that can be used on which the assignments are based on)


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