1. A lawyer who represents an indigent client without charging a fee represents the person _________

1. A lawyer who represents an indigent client without charging a fee represents the person __________ ______________ ______________ .
2. A person who represents herself at a criminal trial instead of being represented by counsel conducts a ________ ______________ defense.
3. One prong of the effective assistance of counsel rule is the _________________________________ prong.
4. __________ _______________ occurs when a retained or assigned attorney represents two or more co defendants.
5. Under a __________ _______________ ________________ a federal Department of Justice lawyer can issue an unreviewable order to a federal prison or jail officials to electronically eavesdrop conversations between a pretrial detainee and his defense lawyer.
6. A/An _______________ is an incriminating statement that is less complete than a confession.
7. The cruel trilemma posed by compelled questioning is self accusation, perjury, or ___________________. …….

8. Physical evidence, such as a person s fingerprints or physical characteristics is known as ______________ evidence.

9. Up to the 1940s, police commonly used the _____________ ___________ to beat confessions out of suspects.
10. Miranda v. Arizona (1966) held that the compulsion protected against by the Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination occurs during police _________________ _________________. …….

11. According to Dean John Wigmore, __________________ is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth
12. The Supreme Court based its decision in the Stovall v. Denno (1967), admitting eyewitness evidence taken during a one person showup, on the ___________________________________________________ rule.
13. Subjects shown a filmed traffic accident that showed no broken glass were __________ likely to report broken glass if told that the cars smashed into each other rather than hit each other.
14. In a/an _____________ __________ police caution a witness not to guess, and to ask the witness open ended questions, do not interrupt, and ask witnesses to report all details. …….

15. Lineup ___________ cues improves the accuracy of lineup identification.

Match the Justices to their signature opinions or dissents
Tom C. Clark Escobedo v. Illinois
John M. Harlan In re Gault
Potter Stewart US v. Leon
Byron R. White Miranda v. Arizona
Earl Warren Mapp v. Ohio
Arthur J. Goldberg Spinelli v. US
Abe Fortas Chimel v. California …….


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