1. Alttarbi was on a group vacation tour when he discovered that his camcorder was not where he had. 1 answer below »

1. Alttarbi was on a group vacation tour when he discovered that his camcorder was not where he had left it on the tour bus. Later on the tour, Alttarbi noticed another vacationer, Carlsen, with a similar camcorder. When Carlsen was confronted, he claimed that he had found the camcorder at one of the tour bus stops. When Alttarbi produced a bill of sale with a serial number that matched the one on the disputed camcorder, Carlsen refused to surrender it, claiming that since he had found it, it was his. Will Alttarbi be able to regain possession of his lost camcorder?

2. Kiang, a sales representative working for Prat’s Appliances, sold a refrigerator to Pogany. After several weeks, Pogany changed her mind and wanted to repudiate the sales contract. Her argument was that a valid contract did not exist because Kiang did not possess title to the refrigerator and therefore could not convey title to her. Will Pogany be allowed to repudiate the sales contract?

3. Hughes purchased a new Lincoln Continental automobile from Al Greene, Inc., an authorized new car dealership. On the day of the sale, Hughes made a cash down payment and signed a purchase contract and an application for the title certificate. The understanding was that Hughes would take immediate possession of the car and return in a few days for new- car preparation and the installation of a CB radio. On the way home from the dealer, Hughes wrecked the car. The certificate of title had not yet been issued by the state. The buyer, Hughes, claimed that title had not yet passed since the title certificate had not yet been issued. Who must bear the loss?


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