1. An early childhood educator with a healthy attitude toward his or her young students will A. main

1. An early childhood educator with a healthy attitude toward his or her young students will A. maintain quiet and order so students aren't distracted. B. learn to tolerate the small mistakes children often make. C. keep children focused on the products of their efforts. D. keep children on task by telling them the best way to do things. 2. An activity center is an area where A. teachers conduct creative activities. B. children participate in active play. C. children and teachers plan the schedule for a day. D. children work on their own with little supervision. 3. Which of the following is the best way to handle transition times? A. Occasionally remind the children what they'll be doing next. B. Request that the children read books until everyone is ready. C. Don't let the children know ahead of time what the schedule for the day will be. D. Give the children only one activity to do when transitioning. 4. To properly prepare for a creative activity in your classroom, you should A. try the activity before presenting it to the children. B. gather equipment as you go. C. use the activity recommended in the curriculum guide. D. be as thorough as possible in your explanation. 5. The purpose of using media in the early childhood program is to provide A. state-required elements for the program. B. entertainment that breaks up the day and prevents boredom. C. visual proof that supports the curriculum lessons being taught. D. variety that enhances learning experiences. 6. Which of the following statements about computer use in the classroom is incorrect? A. Using a computer can be an interactive experience for young children. B. Research studies report that computers are generally ineffective for children under age 5. C. Using the computer with young children is a process of exploration and discovery. D. An Internet publication site can be a resource for actually publishing children's work. 7. The best way to match an activity with a child's activity level is to A. begin an activity by introducing new material. B. plan developmentally appropriate activities. C. concentrate on having children participate in quiet activities. D. concentrate on activities that will stimulate the children. 8. Books and magazines are good materials for all young children to have access to. Which type of child would prefer them to an abacus? A. Nature Smart B. Logic Smart C. Body Smart D. Word Smart 9. Computers have value in an early childhood classroom because A. children are kept quiet when they're using them. B. they can be interactive. C. they require children to work on their own. D. they're extremely inexpensive. 10. Why do most children seem to be more comfortable in a cool room than adults are? A. Children are more active than adults and don't feel cooler temperatures. B. Children typically play nearer to the floor, where it's warmer. C. A child's normal body temperature is higher than that of an adult. D. Children are highly unlikely to complain to teachers if they feel cool. 11. Which one of the following statements about space and equipment for children is correct? A. Centers that require concentration should be located away from heavy-traffic areas. B. Young toddlers need lots of open spaces for exploring. C. Areas should be divided with permanent partitions so children can get used to the environment. D. Children shouldn't be allowed to participate in arranging space. 12. When working with photography in the classroom, A. provide specific guidelines for what the children may photograph. B. plan several lessons on the parts of the camera and how they work. C. let the children explore the camera on their own first. D. plan to spend time explaining and demonstrating how to take a picture. 13. Through the use of computers, children can enhance their skills of cooperation and communication. This is a step in their A. social development. B. self-help skills. C. creativity. D. cognitive skills. 14. One good way to provide for the needs of young children who haven't fully developed their visual and auditory acuity is to A. try not to praise the children too often. B. begin at the success level for each child. C. use large pictures and print, and speak clearly and distinctly. D. plan activities that require the children to sit quietly for long periods of time. 15. A particular software program starts out with simple concepts and tasks, then gradually provides more difficult tasks as the child learns more skills. This software therefore meets the developmentally appropriate criteria of A. process orientation. B. expanding complexity C. real-world representation. D. clear instructions. 16. Which one of the following groups of children is likely to have the shortest pattention span? A. Preschoolers B. First and second graders C. Kindergartners D. Third and fourth graders

17. In the early childhood classroom, a facilitator is someone who A. guides caringly without interfering. B. focuses on the product rather than the process. C. makes it easy for children to accomplish a project. D. corrects mistakes as they occur. 18. Following Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence, allowing children to have the opportunity to use Microsoft Paint would benefit their _______ area. A. Linguistic Intelligence B. Musical Intelligence C. Logical-Mathematical D. Visual/Spatial 19. A teacher practicing differentiated instruction A. allows children to have only a few choices. B. adheres to a strict schedule. C. provides a variety of learning experiences and environments. End of exam D. is the provider of information. 20. When children work near each other at a computer learning center, they A. are likely to assist each other as they work. B. should each be provided with their own computer station. C. are usually a distraction to each other. D. will require much more supervision by the teacher. 21.Explain how using Bloom’s taxonomy can help encourage a child’s creative thinking. 22.Choose one activity center from the list provided in this chapter. Design your own unique version of this activity center. Describe it in detail. List the items and activities it would include




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