1. Explain how American domestic terror groups are forging common ties with international terror gro

1. Explain how American domestic terror groups are forging common ties with international terror groups? Who are their common enemies? Are there common goals? If so, what are they? Give specific examples to support your answer and provided citations and references.2. Discuss the extent to which the Internet has become a tool for domestic terrorism groups. How would you strike a balance between constitutional rights and freedoms, and the need for security measures, particularly in relation to Internet communication used to plan and execute violent actions? Should authorities monitor the web activities of suspected domestic terror groups? If so, to what extent?3. Explain how domestic terrorist organizations rely on common criminal activities to conduct their operations. What are some of the less serious crimes associated with domestic terrorism? Give specific examples where common crimes were used to plan, support or execute domestic terrorist activities.4. Read the Summary and the Conclusions of the report: Treverton, G. F. (2008). Reorganizing U.S. domestic intelligence: Assessing the options. Library of Congress. Retrieved from http://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/monographs/2008/RAND_MG767.pdf. What do you think are the most significant findings in the report? Explain the significance of these findings. What are the implications of the findings for the criminal justice system? Explain your answer and give specific examples.5. Based upon what you have learned in this course, compare and contrast the fundamentals of domestic terrorism and international terrorism. Which of the two do you think is a greater threat to the United States? Give specific reasons and examples. Cite and reference your resources to support your conclusions.***Answers to each question must be at least 500-750 words , 1†margins all the way around, double-spaced, Arial 11-point font or Times New Roman 12-point font. All writing must follow the APA writing style and responses should be in one Microsoft Word file.


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