1.readThe process of confirming federal judicial appointments has become especiallycontentious over.

1.readThe process of confirming federal judicial appointments has become especiallycontentious over the past few decades. Do you think this is a result of the expanded rolethat courts play in political decisions, a change in the nature of contemporary politicaldiscourse, both, or something else entirely? At the end of the day, is it likely that thisreality will ever change or do both sides of the partisan and ideological spectrum have toomuch to gain from keeping the process contentious? What consequences do you thinkthat this change has on our political system?DirectionYOU HAVE TO WRITE over 200word.focus on being more specific/detailed rather than very general, by using examples/realworld details when possible. Please contact me by e­mail if you need further explanationor help.2. readRepublicans believe we should have economic freedom and that it will maintain a healthyeconomy. Democrats think that the government should and are willing to support the economic regulation toattain social objectives. In the 1700s Adam Smith believed in Laissez­faire, meaning, he thought that if thegovernment were involved in the economy, it would suppress the economic growth. In the 1930s JohnMaynard Keynes believed the government could stimulate the economy by increasing public spending oralso by cutting taxes. Milton Friedman believed in Monetarists. He thought the government should be limitedto regulating the supply of money. (Ginsberg,B. We the People 2013 Pg. 672­673)I believe that the government should have a little to no government interference. I think thatthe people that started their own business or own a business should be able to receive the profit and nothave to worry about losing their hard earned money to the government. I feel that the country would flourishmuch more if the government let the businessmen and women run their businesses. I believe that thegovernment has so much control over everything that they feel the need to have their hands in all aspects ofwhat makes our country run.I think the government has helped companies get out of debt just like General Motors. ThePresidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama paid $80 billion to GM. Where exactly did that money comefrom? What about the businesses that needed money that did not get it? I dont understand how thegovernment can spend THAT much money on a bailout, but we still be in debt like we are. I understandhelping companies out, but when do you draw the line?I believe that the government should set a limit on how much they can help a company out.I think that would help our debt and also help the companies out when they needed it. (320)Directionyou expected to respond to the posts of other students in their discussion groupStudents should engage in conversation with their group members in a thoughtfuldiscussion about the topic as well as their individual responses to the topic. Postsshould be well written, use complete sentences, proper punctuation, avoid slang,and be proofread and edited.YOU HAVE TO WRITE over 100 word.


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