1. The law of negligence holds our behavior up to an objective standard of conduct: We must conduct.

1. The law of negligence holds our behavior up to an objective standard of conduct: We must conduct ourselves like a “”reasonable person of ordinary prudence in similar circumstances. True or False

2. If the actions cause injury of the kind the statute was designed to protect against, and if the person who is injured is within the group of people the statute was designed to protect, then the defendant is presumed negligent. True or False

3. If Jamal is carefully driving his car within the speed limit and an inebriated Eddie darts into his car and is hit, Jamal is liable for Eddie’s injuries True or False

4. Under the doctrine of strict liability, care and caution mitigate liability. True or False

5. ____________ is an unintentional breach of duty by the defendant that results in harm to another

A. Negligence

B. a liability

C. a fraud

D. Foreseeability

6. “To recover in a negligence suit, a plaintiff must prove that the______ ”

A. defendant had intent to injure the plaintiff and did so by a breach of duty.

B. defendant’s breach of duty was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

C. defendant’s breach of duty might have indirectly caused the plaintiff injuries.

D. defendant’s actions did not violate any statutes.

7. ” Emmy worked late nights at a convenience store. One night, Emmy discovered that the “”emergency alert”” security system was not working. The owner of the store told her that he would have the system repaired immediately. Nevertheless, a month went by before the system was repaired. In the meantime, the store was robbed while Emmy was working and, in the course of the robbery, the perpetrator broke Emmy’s leg. Under these circumstances, if Emmy presses charges, she is most likely to recover from the store owner ”

A. for negligence because the harm was foreseeable.

B for battery because his inaction was the reason for her injury.

C. for intentional tort.

D. only for emotional distress.


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