1. What is ecosystem management? There are a lot of different answers to that question, which one do

1. What is ecosystem management? There are a lot of different answers to that question, which one do you agree with? How does ecosystem management differ from “traditional management”?2. What are some of the emerging impacts of climate change on ecosystems? You can choose to answer the question by focusing on either water, plants and animals, or seasonal patterns (i.e. choose one).3. What was the purpose of the Wilderness Act of 1964? How has it been applied?4. What are the four major public land management agencies, what is their purpose, and how many management units does each one have?5. The term “ecosystem management” as such did not exist in their time of John Muir and Gifford Pinchot. But what relationship, if any, do they have to the term “ecosystem management” as it is used today? You can begin by briefly describing who each person was and what they stood for. What were their most important differences? What do you think they would have thought of ecosystem management? What interpretation would they focus on?6. What is the significance of the phrase “getting out the cut” in the history of the US Forest Service? Discuss some of the factors that led over several decades led to the decline of importance of “getting out the cut”. This may include the clear-cutting controversy, below cost timber sales, the rise of recreational uses of national forests, the spotted owl controversy, etc.7. In 1995, 66 wolves were introduced into Yellowstone National Park and northern Idaho. Today there are an estimated 1,700 wolves in the northern Rockies. Discuss the history of wolf management in the West and in Yellowstone in particular. Why was the wolf reintroduced and what have been some of the ecological impacts? What are the current state and federal policies towards managing the wolves? Name one difference between the history of wolves and grizzly bears in Yellowstone.


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