2. Discuss the one-drop rule (hypodescent) and how it might impact cultural identity and prejudice..

2. Discuss the one-drop rule (hypodescent) and how it might impact cultural identity and prejudice. ANSWER: 3. The English-only movement seeks to make English the official language of the United States. It has been argued that Spanish is part of the cultural heritage of Latino/a Americans. Based on acculturation theories, what psychological effects could the English-only movement have on Latino/a Americans? ANSWER: 4. Rates of psychopathology are approximately the same across ethnic groups so this cannot account for the disproportionately high rate of violence in certain African American communities. Discuss some factors that may account for this higher than average rate. ANSWER:. 5. The American Indian, irrespective of tribe, emphasized the importance of family, spirituality, and environment. How might these values have been impacted by European American enculturation (positively and/or negatively)? ANSWER:. 6. Discuss the distinctive characteristics of African American cultures. a. 7. The U.S. government took American Indian children from their families to live in, and be educated at, boarding schools. Discuss the pros and cons, if any, of this practice. ANSWER:. 8. Can American Indians and Alaska Natives be adequately understood apart from a context of historical trauma? Does historical trauma affect the way American Indians and Alaska Native currently live?


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