A primer on corporate governance Read the book- a primer on corporate governance () and write a…

A primer on corporate governance

Read the book-a primer on corporate governance () and write a review follow by the requirement. 100% original work otherwise will be withdraw.


2 typed pages (around 1200 words), single-space, 12pt font, Times New Roman, standard formatting


Include the bibliographic information of the article


Identify what your review intends to do

Include the author & title again

Include a very brief overview of the article, its purpose, & your


Background Information

Place the article in context and discuss the criteria for judging the



Discuss the main points of the article/book, quoting & paraphrasing key

ideas from the author


Your evaluation, consider the following –

How well the article/book achieves its goal

What is the central lesson of the article/book

What are the article/book’s strengths and shortcomings

What personal experiences have you related to the subject


Provide a final overview

Suggested recommendations for further research

Why this study matters






……………….Answer Preview……………….


            My review of the book on a primer of corporate governance intends to clearly bring out the concepts discussed by the author in this book. This review also intends to conceptualize the issues and the concepts in this book. It also focuses on evaluating this publication citing the relevance of this book to various individuals in the corporate world. This review will also allow a reader or any learner with the intention of reading the original book on a primer on corporate governance to understand basic concepts and to quickly grasp issues since this review is intended to give insight on the concepts discussed in this book. Cornelis. A de Kluyver’s book on a primer on corporate governance gives insight to learners and to operators in the corporate world on the basic steps that need to be taken to e…..


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