Abortion law Your job is to apply a supreme court case to your law. Imagine that your law was…

Abortion lawYour job is to apply a supreme court case to your law.

Imagine that your law was enacted by the state or federal government and is now being challenged in court. Whether you choose to support/defend your law or oppose/attack your law, you would be required to cite precedent for either cause. In this assignment, I want you to make your case using a previous decision from the court.

Start a new thread (discussion topic) and title it (in the ‘subject’ line) with the name of your law.
Begin the body (message) with the name of the case that you are applying.
Use the rest of the message area to describe how the case supports or opposes your law.

You can choose any Supreme Court case.
You can support or defend any aspect of your law; ie. the punishment your law advocates, the rights your law eliminates, the group your law affects, etc.
You cannot just name a case . . . you must describe the law that is defined by the case and explain why it applies to your law.
You may use cases that have been overturned/overruled.
You cannot use cases that have no real application to your law; ie. Miranda v. Arizona applying to rotten teeth law because when police arrest you for your teeth do not inform you of your rights (bad example, but I hope you get the point)
If you are completely unable to find a case that applies to your law, you may choose to support/oppose someone else’s law. (you have to email me and ask for permission to do this)

The assignment will be graded on how well you apply the case to your law.
I will be judging 3 things:
1) What aspect of your law that you are addressing
2) The applicability of the case to that aspect
3) Your writing, explanation, and overall thoroughness in applying the law properly

extra credit will be awarded for:

1) addressing multiple aspects of your law with multiple cases
2) responding to others with comments that criticize or elaborate on their application
3) creative application that is logical and correct
4) exceptional writing or analytical explanation

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Assignment 5

Abortion law

            I am applying to the court for an abortion law case, the right to uphold abortion. Roe v Wade, 410 US 113 law. It was passed by the Supreme Court of the United States, regarding the issue of abortion. It was simultaneously decided alongside the Doe v Bolton which it ruled 7-2 the freedom of privacy under the 14th ammendement which permits the elongation……………..APA657 Words Added to cart


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