allied psy308 modules 7 check your understandings latest 2015 Mod 7 Question Points 1. Thurgood Mars

allied psy308 modules 7 check your understandings latest

Mod 7

Question Points
1. Thurgood
Marshall is known as a former Supreme Court Justice. Yet he made other
important contributions to policies related to prejudice, including:
a. proposing
affirmative action policies.
b. the Emancipation
c. developing the
Civil Rights Act.
d. arguing the case
of Brown v. Board of Education.

2. People’s
perceptions of how others actually do behave are called:
a. injunctive
b. disjunctive
c. subjective
d. descriptive

3. Dr.
Palcon designs a study to test which strategy is best in terms of encouraging
residents to recycle on a weekly basis. Dr. Palcon is most likely conducting:
a. applied
b. basic research.
c. esoteric
d. his dissertation

4. In the
introduction to Chapter 13 (“Prejudice: Causes and Consequences”) the
authors describe two events: Thurgood Marshall’s experience with prejudice and
discrimination in the South and the aftermath of the 0. J. Simpson murder
trial. What do these two events have in common? They:
a. reflect a racial
divide that exists in the United States.
b. show that
because of race, national celebrities are not always treated the same.
c. reveal that
consequences of prejudice are different, depending on the part of the country.
d. demonstrate the
power of prejudice to distort our interpretations.

5. Philip
Goldberg (1968) found that women rated articles by female authors __________
articles by men, suggesting that they regard women as intellectually __________
a. higher than;
superior to
b. lower than;
inferior to
c. the same as;
equal to
d. very differently
from; more varied than

6. Dr.
Lovill conducted an experiment to test whether the investment or evolutionary
models of romantic relationships are more accurate. Dr. Lovill is most likely
a. applied
b. basic research.
c. esoteric
d. his dissertation

7. According
to the authors, because the number of blatant acts of prejudice and
discrimination in the United States has declined, prejudice has now:
a. gone underground
and become more overt.
b. gone underground
and become more covert.
c. become a thing
of the past.
d. become
irrelevant to the lives of students today.

8. Recall
that when they were given a choice between white or black dolls,
African-American children as young as three years old often rejected the black
doll (Clark & Clark, 1947). These findings by Kenneth and Mamie Clark
suggest that:
a. victims of
prejudice displace their frustration onto members of their own race.
b. prejudice harms
the self-esteem of minority children.
c. inequities in
the marketplace convince children that white dolls are prettier.
d. almost everyone
wants to be a member of a dominant group, even minority group members.

9. Kurt
Lewin is considered to be the:
a. founder of
modern personality psychology.
b. greatest applied
methodologist of the twentieth century.
c. founder of
empirical social psychology.
d. father of
professional psychology.

10. According
to Lewin (1946, as presented in your text), social psychological questions can
best be tested using:
a. common sense and
b. observation.
c. correlational
d. the experimental

11. According
to your text, which method is best suited for understanding which interventions
and solutions to real-world problems work best?
a. Correlational
b. Experiments
c. Computer models
d. Observational

12. Humans’
rapid consumption of natural resources such as fossil fuels and difficulty
finding places to put their garbage are symptoms of the underlying problem of:
a. lack of
awareness of environmental problems.
b. apathy about the
c. overpopulation.
d. illiteracy and
lack of education.

13. According
to the authors, one nearly inevitable consequence of being the target of
relentless prejudice is:
a. genocide.
b. discrimination.
c. lower
d. rebellion.

14. __________
refers to an attitude toward a distinguishable group of people based solely on
their group membership.
a. Discrimination
b. Stereotypes
c. Racism
d. Prejudice

15. Research
conducted during the run-up to President Obama’s election demonstrates that:
a. one exception to
the negative stereotypes about African Americans is not sufficient to reduce
b. prior to the
election, President Obama’s candidacy alone was enough to produce sharp
reductions in bias against blacks.
c. only after the
election of President Obama did bias against blacks start to decline.
d. President
Obama’s candidacy—but not his election—increased bias against blacks.

16. A
__________ refers to the idea that what is beneficial for an individual will be
harmful if all people chose that course of action.
a. commons dilemma
b. social dilemma
c. zero-sum
d. social conflict

17. According
to the authors of your text, people’s perceptions of the behaviors that are
approved of or disapproved of by others is the definition of:
a. injunctive norm.
b. disjunctive
c. subjective norm.
d. descriptive

18. __________
are generalizations about a group of people in which identical characteristics
are ascribed to all members of the group, regardless of within-group
a. Schemas
b. Stereotypes
c. In-group biases
d. Negative

19. Which of
the following statements about prejudice is false?
a. Everyone, no
matter their origin, is a potential target of prejudice.
b. While our
enemies regard us in distorted fashion, our allies perceive us without
c. Prejudices exist
for nationalities, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and aspects of
appearance and health.
d. Prejudices tend
to “cut both ways”; if we have prejudice about one group, they will
have prejudices about us.

20. After
reading an article by J. L. Burnet, Alexis gave it rave reviews. If Alexis were
informed ahead of time that the article was written by Julie Lynn Burnet and
not Jacob Leigh Burnet, how might Alexis’s perception of the article change,
according to research by Goldberg (1968) presented in your text?
a. Her perceptions
would be unchanged; after all, it is the same article.
b. Her perceptions
would be more favorable, to prove she is not sexist.
c. Her perceptions
would be less favorable because of the stereotype that women are intellectually
d. Her perceptions
would be unchanged because, although she would be anchoring her rating based on
his initial perception, she would adjust it insufficiently for her prejudices.


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