B. Read the following article â??Too Many Bananas, Not Enough Pineapples, and No Watermelon at Allâ?

B. Read the following article “Too Many Bananas, Not Enough Pineapples, and No Watermelon at Allâ€. The author indicates that there were three lessons to be learned from living with the Kaliai. What were these 3 lessons and summarize how the authors learned them. Reciprocity is at work in your own society. Discuss at what level of society (individual, family, neighborhood, city, regional, nationwide, etc) you would expect to see these principles come into play. Now provide examples from your own experience that also indicate some of these same principles and the reaction to breaking one of these unwritten rules of reciprocity.B. Read the following article: “Eating Christmas in the Kalahariâ€. What was the author’s plan for rewarding his hosts for putting up with a pushy anthropologist for an entire year? How did the !Kung respond to his gift? Now the crux, WHY did they react this way? Be sure to discuss relative status, egalitarianism, and food reciprocity in your answer.


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