Business forms Review 1pg double spaced Choose a business form (example, sole proprietorship and so.

Business forms


 1pg double spaced

Choose a business form (example, sole proprietorship and so on), that would be most appropriate for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe and justify your answer. Refer to the first team Discussion and the Learning Activity in this unit for a quick review of the types of business forms commonly used. Further information regarding forms of business can be accessed via the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Website at

attached find MLA sample


use this link as a format guide


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Tim’s Coffee Shoppe

           It takes just enough effort to run a coffee shop that beats all competition, and Tim’s Coffee Shoppe has what it takes to be such. Ideally located in Sunnydale, Illinois, this is a mid-sized city with a busy downtown business district and a large university, and offers a good deal of customers due to its setting. This makes Tim’s Coffee Shoppe beat the main competitor, Queequeg’s Coffee, which is not that close to the customers.

         Open from 6am to 2am 7 days a week, Tim’s Coffee Shoppe, makes it a reliable place to the customers. With a pleasing interior appearance with ample space, the customers………………..


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