Business Law #2: DQ DUE DATE: March 13th (20:00 EST)!! PROMPT: Your textbook states: “As a general..

Business Law #2: DQ

DUE DATE: March 13th (20:00 EST)!!


Your textbook states: “As a general rule, an agreement without consideration will not be an enforceable contract, because consideration is so important as the binding element within a contractual relationship.” Research and explain why this is so. In so doing, define and discuss the concept of consideration, including within your discussion the distinction between adequacy of consideration and sufficiency of consideration.


-Shows an excellent understanding and reflection of knowledge from the assigned discussion topic.

-Incorporates reference to literature, outside readings, and personal experience to support comments using the correct APA format.

-Contributes to discussion with clear concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical or spelling error.

-Should include a Minimum of TWO scholarly or professional sources

Make sure that you ANSWER THE QUESTIONS CLEARLY AND CONCISELY. In that vein, the prompt will typically require you to consult the text material in order to formulate your answer. All written assignments will be checked using which will generate an originality report. Each submission should contain no more than 20% unoriginal work (excluding your bibliography, in-text citations and assigned questions if used in the document). Proper APA format is required for this course which calls for both in-text citations and a reference page at the end of the document.


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