Business Law: Crockett advertised land for sale in the newspaper. In response, Tubbs delivered…

Business Law: Crockett advertised land for sale in the newspaper.  In response, Tubbs delivered a signed, written purchase offer to Crockett

Crockett advertised land for sale in the newspaper.  In response, Tubbs delivered a signed, written to Crockett.  The offer appeared to be sincere and it stated all of the contract terms.  Unknown to Crockett, Tubbs did not actually intend to buy the land unless he first obtained financing.  Crockett accepted Tubbs’ offer by return mail with the proper signature.

Was Crockett’s an offer?

Did Tubbs make a sufficient contractual intent to be bound by his purchase offer?

What was the effect of Crockett’s acceptance?

Castillo offered to sell a pawn shop to Trudy.  Castillo mailed the offer to Trudy by first-class U.S. mail.  The offer did not specify the required manner of acceptance.  Under modern rules, how can Trudy communicate an acceptance of the offer?  When will Castillo’s offer lapse if he did not specify a cancellation date in the offer?  If Trudy sends an acceptance by first-class U.S. mail, when will the acceptance be effective?

Gina offered to sell her car to .  Gina promised not to revoke the offer for three days while Crockett thought about the offer.  Three hours later and before Crockett accepted, Gina phoned Crockett and revoked the offer for the sale of the car.  Was Gina legally entitled to revoke her offer?  What would have been the result if Crockett had given her a deposit of $100 on the car?  Explain

This writing assignment consists of three cases. Read each case carefully and using the material covered in Module 1 analyze each of the cases. To demonstrate your understanding, use and apply the relevant legal concepts, rules of law, and issues in your answers. Compose your answers using your word processing program and submit your completed assignment here by browsing to the file on your computer and clicking “Upload This File.”  Include your name, the assignment name [Module: 1], and your course and section number at the top of the paper.

Total length guideline: 1-2 pages total.

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Crockett’s advertisement was not an offer in respect to the doctrine contract. An offere is supposed to direct their offer to an offeree who is identifiable. However, this is not the case for an advertisement where the main objective is to identify any potential buyer. Tubbs made a sufficient contractual intent when he sent a signed response which stated all contractual terms. The fact that he stated terms……


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