Choose only 1 assignment. You will be graded for only 1 assignment. Choice 1: Your boss wants you to

Choose only 1 assignment. You will be graded for only 1 assignment. 

Choice 1: 

Your boss wants you to exclusively take the institution-based view in promoting the new product of your choice. She believes that the laws of this country dictate what your company can and cannot do as a profit-making venture. More specifically, she believes that the laws of this country impose restrictions on the expansion of new business ventures within the country. Your boss is not just interested in having your company gain access to this country’s market. She wants your company to develop into a major player within this country as well. In fact, her promotion may depend upon growing the business in this country, and if she is promoted, she stands to promote you in the process.Determine which new product would be a good fit for your company (be original).Determine which country you would first market your new product within, and explain why you have chosen this country.Determine the major challenges your corporation will have operating as a global business.Most importantly, explain why you should persuade your boss to take the resource-based view into account along with the institution-based view.   

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Choice 2: 

Deliverable Length: 300-500 words

Suppose a company operating within the foreign country you have chosen does not respect your company’s intellectual property rights. Despite your warnings, this company has gained access to your former supervisor in the region and has acquired information related to the manufacture and/or development of your product, in exchange for paying this former supervisor as a consultant. This former supervisor, as it turns out, was laid off after he failed to properly service a major client of your company in this country. More specifically, he forgot to tell this client that your company was offering discounts to its major clients. You have patented your product.What are the policies towards piracy in this foreign country?How will you take into account the policies towards piracy in this foreign country when you take action to protect your intellectual property?Will the type of economic system (e.g., market economy, command economy, or mixed economy) that characterizes this foreign country affect your firm’s actions towards piracy of its intellectual property taking place within this country?   Posted: 4 years agoDue: 06/03/2016Budget: $12


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