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Commercial Law Assignment (BULAW5914) Federation Business School CRICOS Provider No. 00103D (VIC); 01266K (NSW); 02235J (SA) Page 1 of 2 SEMESTER ONE 2018 DUE: FRIDAY WEEK 9 BY 4pm – MUST BE SUBMITTED THROUGH TURNITIN ON MOODLE Purpose This significant task requires forward planning and adequate time for research, reading and reflecting. It comprises 35% of your assessment in this subject. You should begin researching early to gather information and establish a plan of approach as soon as possible. The purposes of the assignment are to enable you to: • Learn how to independently research a particular aspect of the law; • Reflect on and consider particular legal issues; • Demonstrate your understanding of relevant laws; • Develop your knowledge about the subject area of your research; • Demonstrate the ability to investigate, synthesise and analyse; • Communicate your findings in a formal piece of work and meet a deadline; • Enhance your written communication


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