Completion of PPMP20008 is like a project, there are likely things that went well and things… 1 answer below »

Completion of PPMP20008 is like a project, there are likely things that went well and things that did not. Reflecting on the experience can be just as meaningful as retaining concepts taught.
This assessment item requires you to reflect on your participation in the course, identify lessons learnt, and consider what actions can be taken to address lessons and improve future study projects. Please note these learnings are based on your role as a student in PPMP20008 and not based on the case study.
You will need to determine a framework to base your lessons learnt on. In practice, lessons learnt discussions are framed to illicit learnings from participants. You must develop and submit a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation document discussing your reflection and lessons learnt.
Note – you will not be presenting the full presentation you developed due to class sizes and time restrictions. Therefore, you need to ensure your PowerPoint documents contains all the information required to demonstrate achievement of the assessment criteria.
You can utilise both the slides and the notes pages.
Common error
Some students confuse reflective ‘Lessons Learnt’ with unit content learnt, this is a reflective lessons learnt assessment – do not submit summaries of the topics/content learnt.
To assist a template for the presentation is provided. You can add slides to the template (no more than twenty (20) slides in total). You should also add images to cater for visual learners. Consider the marking rubric at the end of this document.
In week 12 tutorials, you will present one of the lessons you have identified to the class, you may use a single slide and should provide a copy of this to your tutor before you present. This should be very concise yet informative (1-2 minutes).
Flex students will need discuss with the unit coordinator their presentation of one lesson learnt.


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