Could someone help me with this law homework?1. Form U-4 requires ________. a) voluntary arbitration

Could someone help me with this law homework?1. Form U-4 requires ________. 
a) voluntary arbitration 
b) mandatory arbitration 
c) mediator 
d) jury trial 
e) NOTA2.Form U-4 is used in the following industries: 
a) banking 
b) insurance 
c) securities 
d) all 
e) NOTA3.The Act which first legitimized the use of voluntary arbitration agreements was ________. 
a) AAA 
b) FAA 
c) CBA 
d) VAA 
e) NOTA4.If Herman, a real estate broker, signs an exclusive listing with Otto, a home owner, and before the house is sold it burns to the ground, how did the employment relationship terminate, if it did? 
a) operation of law 
b) revocation of authority 
c) fulfillment of purpose
d) unfulfilled condition
e) none of the above5.Mark is anxiously awaiting the results of his bar exam. He tells Paula that he will continue to employ her as his secretary if he passes the exam. If he fails the exam, the employment relationship has been terminated in what way? 
a) fulfillment of purpose 
b) operation of law 
c) unfulfilled condition 
d) revocation of authority 
e) it did not terminate6.Generally, the following methods of security may be used in the workplace: 
a) tape recorded conversations 
b) electronic surveillance 
c) polygraphs 
d) A&B 
e) none of the above7.The following Acts protect privacy: 
a) Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act 
b) Electronics Communications Act 
c) Freedom of Information Act 
d) A&B8.If 200 whites apply for a job and 50 are selected, what is the minimum number of blacks that must be selected if 100 apply? 
a) 25 
b) 20 
c) 15 
d) 50 
e) no specific number must be selected9.Race discrimination law protects ________. 
a) blacks 
b) Hispanics 
c) whites 
d) a&b 
e) all of the above10.When a Pakistani male brings a case based on race discrimination, he is also likely to join this allegation with additional claim(s) based on ________ 
a) national origin 
b) religion 
c) color 
d) a & b 
e) all of the above


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