courts Question 1. 1. A number of courts have established procedures for the: (Points : 4)…

courtsQuestion 1.1. A number of courts have established procedures for the: (Points : 4)

 electronic research.
 electronic filing of documents.
 uploading of documents.
 indexing of cases.

 Question 2.2. The data such as file names, size, and location is known as: (Points : 4)

 database systems.
 ZIP files.
 system metadata.
 content metadata.

 Question 3.3. The creation of documents in ________ format requires specialty software such as Adobe Acrobat. (Points : 4)


 Question 4.4. Information about the contents of a document. (Points : 4)

 Content metadata
 System metadata

 Question 5.5. Scrambling documents using algorithms/mathematical formulas is known as: (Points : 4)

 user-level security.

 Question 6.6. The basic metadata regarding PDF document may be viewed by selecting the ________ tab. (Points : 4)

 View All
 Document Properties
 Document Highlight

 Question 7.7. Every document has ________ data about the document, as part of the document file. (Points : 4)


 Question 8.8. An ethical wall is built around a case: (Points : 4)

 to restrict the amount of information that may be obtained.
 to restrict access to information about a client or a case.
 to prevent the adversary from discovering confidential information about a case.
 to prevent clients from viewing information about other client matters.

 Question 9.9. Rules of behavior for using the internet. (Points : 4)

 Model Rules of Behavior
 Professional Code of Conduct

 Question 10.10. Having a system in place and a standardized procedure for setting up and maintaining ________ avoids the potential of someone setting up a competing system that can result in only that person knowing where things are filed, or duplication of files when others cannot find the file where they think it should be. (Points : 4)





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