Crimes in China Identify the problems that GSK confronted with in the case Ø Bribery crimes in China

Crimes in China

Identify the problems that GSK confronted with in the case

Ø  Bribery crimes in China and other countries

Ø  Sexual Scandal of the company’s executive in China

Ø  Improper marketing and pricing strategies

Ø  Laws (in China, British, America)


Alternative solutions

Alternative Solution 1:

Alter the personal sales target of the medical sales person. Change the previous sales model. Medical representatives’ salaries will relate to their service performance, quality and whether they are useful to doctors, rather than the quantity of their sales. Also, employees’ welfare will relative to their actual service performance, rather than doctors’ prescribing drugs.(considering related law issuesexamples, statistics)

²  Advantages:

Avoid medical representatives bribing to doctors in order to achieve a certain sales volume; cut the costs; improve representatives’ service performance; enhance the company’s reputations; establish a good and substantial relationship with doctors


²  Disadvantages:

Employees have less sources to get benefits; they may have less motivation to work hard; the number of sales staff in GSK’s frontline has been reduced.


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