Effective Acceptance of a Contract– 100 points Category Description Weighting Possible Points Points

Effective Acceptance of a Contract– 100 points
Category Description Weighting Possible
Sentence Mastery  Sentences are consistently
grammatical. Major sentence‐level
errors, including fragments, run‐
ons, and comma splices, are
 Sentences are graceful, i.e., they
can be read aloud without
awkwardness, awkward pauses, or
running out of breath.
 Language is rich, precise, and vivid.
10% 10

 Spelling is proficient. Spellcheck
has been used to avoid egregious
 Grammar and mechanics are
sound, including mastery of the
following key elements: subject‐
verb agreement; verb form;
appropriate punctuation and
capitalization; apostrophe use;
appropriate word use.
 There are no extra words and
there are not missing words.
10% 10
Organization and
 Organization and structure are
clear and easy to follow. Writing
shows clear purpose and orderly
transitions from beginning to end.
Sentences consistently establish this
organization and flow rather than
interrupt it.
 Format meets APA guidelines and
Bluebook rules as appropriate,
including use of title pages. There is
no playful experimentation with
fancy fonts.
 It is written for the appropriate
10% 10

Citation Style  Writing shows both internal citations
in the body of the text as well as a
proper list of references at the end of
the paper, following APA or Bluebook
 Citations appear consistently where
needed, whether following quoted or
paraphrased material in the text.
 Note: In papers requiring secondary
sources, failure to provide any
citation does not result in a
deduction of 10% from the paper, but
will result in a failed paper and a
plagiarism investigation.
10% 10
Content Based on the given Scenario regarding
communications between Camille and
Sonya please respond to the following
questions in your memorandum:
 Determine whether or
not a contract has
been formed using the
basic contract
principles of offer,
acceptance and
 Determine whether or
not any of the crucial
parts of the initial offer
may be missing.
 Provide research
whether or not Camille
and Sonya’s prior
course of dealings has
an impact on the
 Determine whether or
not Sonya would be
successful against
should a lawsuit on her
behalf for breach of
contract be brought.

60% 60


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