Essay assignment should be based on an article involving judicial remedies. For instance, you may fi

Essay assignment should be based on an article involving judicial remedies.  For instance, you may find an article involving a court case where the plaintiff was awarded damages for harm caused by a defective product, a case illustrating any intentional tort that resulted in punitive damages or a negligence action where plaintiff was awarded money for pain and suffering.  

The following instructions describe how your essays, based on the newspaper articles, should be written. First, find a newspaper article that discusses a current (within the last 30 days) case, controversy or legal issue. Confine your search to major newspapers or periodicals such as The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. Comment on the article by discussing how the story relates to our class discussion and the material we are studying. For instance, if your article details a jury verdict in a civil lawsuit, discuss how the case reached this stage of the lawsuit or how the jury is involved in the process of the lawsuit itself. If, on the other hand, your article details a case that challenges whether or not a statute is constitutional, discuss on what grounds the statute is being challenged and what arguments can be presented.  Finally, discuss your opinion regarding the outcome or the potential outcome of the case. avoid using phrases such as “I think,” “In my opinion,” and “I feel.” Your position should be apparent without this terminology. Your newspaper article must be attached to your completed essay














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