FAILED THIS 3 TIMES NEED A 100 PLEASE! Which of the following is NOT a required element for a prima


Which of the following is NOT a required element for a prima facie case of a trespass to land?
A Entering or causing something to enter or to remain
B On the land of another
C Without consent
D Causing actual damage Many states have adopted a __________ negligence method for determining relative negligence, and
this may be considered a defense
A comparative
B gross
C contributory
D statutory Which of these phrases is NOT an element of intentional infliction of emotional distress?
A An intentional act
B That is extreme and outrageous
C Resulting in severe emotional distress
D And physical injury Under the __________ doctrine, a tortfeasor is liable for harm caused to a person who is injured while
rescuing the original victim
A causation
B rescue
C caretaker
D res ipsa loquitur When evaluating a __________ claim, if the court does not find that the defendant owed a duty to the
plaintiff, then there is no need to examine the existence of the other elements
A negligence
B strict liability
C trespass
D battery Which of the following is the last element in a prima facie case of negligence?
A Duty
B Breach
C Foreseeability
D Harm A few jurisdictions allow the defense of __________ negligence; this defense holds the defendant is not
liable to the plaintiff because each party was to some degree at fault
A comparative
B gross
C contributory
D relative In states that have adopted the comparative negligence method, a court may conclude that a plaintiff’s
own negligence amounts to __________ negligence
A contributory
B gross
C foreseeable
D relative __________ is a person’s doing of any act in reckless disregard of another person
A Breach
B Negligence
C Malice
D Trespass The __________ nuisance doctrine holds a landowner to a higher duty of care when he has reason to
know that children are likely to trespass, and he must therefore exercise reasonable care to eliminate the
danger to children
A public
B neighborhood
C enticing
D attractive A __________ is the owner of personal property of which possession is being temporarily transferred
A lessor
B grantor
C bailor
D bailee Which of the following is NOT an example of tangible property?
A A great idea
B A car
C A necklace
D A book A __________ is the right to receive back property in the event of the happening of a certain condition A remainder
B reversion
C bailment
D remedy Which of the following is NOT information that must be contained in a deed?
A Signature of grantee
B Legal description of property
C Names of the parties
D Signature of grantor A __________ is the grant of a property right for an invention
A license
B easement
C patent
D lease Courts generally have held that an engagement ring is a __________ gift
A personal
B voluntary
C mutual
D conditional Property is __________ when the owner voluntarily and intentionally relinquishes all rights to it A mislaid
B lost
C abandoned
D conditional Items that have been personal property become __________ property when they have been
permanently attached to the land
A tangible
B intangible
C permanent
D real A fee simple __________ exists where an interest in land may be taken away if a certain event or
condition occurs
A estate
B absolute
C defeasible
D remainder Title __________ trace the chain of title, or ownership of interest being conveyed, backward from the
seller to previous owners
A surveys
B searches
C policies
D transfers


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