Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia Let us examine the gender question in a global management context…

Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia

Let us examine the gender question in a global management context. For perspective, as we focus upon the role of women in Muslim societies, we must differentiate between the more traditionalist Arabs, and their fellow Muslims elsewhere in the Islamic world. Among the latter, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Turkey, have been governed by women Prime Ministers, while Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, had a woman President until 2004


1. Read Elamin, A. M., & Omair, K. (2010). Males’ Attitudes Towards Working Females in Saudi Arabia. Personnel Review, 39(6), 746-766.

2. Refer to Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Country Scores accessible through the web-links copied below:

Cultural Dimensions: 

Country Scores: 

a. Drawing form the referenced article, from Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Country Scores, and from one independently researched source, address the following hypothetical question:

Let us assume that a major US multinational chemical company is hosting a high-level delegation of Saudi businessmen to engage in preliminary negotiations pertaining to the company’s highly regarded water desalination technology division.

Should corporate VP Christine Moffett – the division’s General Manager – lead the company’s team in the meetings, or should she consider delegating the task to Joe Brunner, the division’s Sr. Director of new technology development?Your answer should not exceed one page in length and should include the following:

• A Cultural Explanation/Justification of your answer

• A fully referenced independently researched source


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Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries whereby gender discrimination is most prominent. Women in Saudi Arabia are thought to be of lesser capabilities when compared to their male counter parts. It is a crime for a woman in Saudi Arabia to drive and it is unheard of for a woman in Saudi Arabia to stand before men and actually give an opinion. Women are not allowed to have opinions, their husbands think for them (Al-Rasheed, 2013).  This belief has been part of their culture for so long…


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