Here’s the link movie Fight Club” Write a short paper (500-600 words

Here’s the link movie Fight Club” Write a short paper (500-600 words about the film.) Summarize the main points of the movie, fight club2. Think of the relationship of the film to a branch of philosophy (e.g., ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, logic, social and political philosophy) or the ideas of a philosopher (in the western or eastern tradition including the feminist philosophers and the postcolonial thinkers covered in this course). 3. Draw some conclusions about the philosophical material you’ve experienced by showing how this may have contributed to your own development or understanding of a philosophical theme, debated issue (e.g., determinism vs. free will), or social/political contemporary issue. (Refer to (Encyclopedia of Philosophy) (Links to an external site.))In sum: your final post should have these three points covered and marked clearly.Part 1: Summary of experience (Name the film and describe the main points)Part 2: Relation to philosophical theme or issuePart 3: Conclusion about personal development and/or philosophical issue


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