I. Both Australia and Singapore are countries. Singatron and Semicontronics conclude their first…

I. Both Australia and Singapore are  countries. Singatron and Semicontronics conclude their first round of negotiations with a Letter of Intent (LOI). If the deal falls through, will either party be bound to their  as detailed in the LOI? What can the parties do to limit the obligations to the terms of the LOI?

II. Because Semicontronics’s manufacturing plant in Brazil is not suitable to fulfil the Phoneson contract for computer chips, a new contract must be arranged for the transportation of computer chips from Singapore to Phoneson’s assembly plant in Japan. Which of the three parties is responsible for the transportation? In addition to contractual issues such as timelines, payments and packaging, list at least two issues Singatron lawyers should consider to reduce risks associated with transportation delays or losses when contracting a third party for transportation.
III. What are some IP areas that can be at risk for infringement for Phoneson and Singatron if not properly mitigated?

…….   QUESTION TITLE :- Singatron and Semicontronics


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