Identify the different contexts (new venture creation, firm level, national level and… 1 answer below »

On successful completion of this module you will be able to: – 1. Identify the different contexts (new venture creation, firm level, national level and international level) within which entrepreneurship is being developed, explored and extended. 2. Explore the impact of enterprise and innovation on a range of countries including emerging and developing economies (with particular reference to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor). 3. Critically access and appreciate the range of network ties essential for international entrepreneurial activities. Develop the skills needed to successfully network and market yourself and your entrepreneurial ideas/ products/services. 4. Identify the different ways in which successful entrepreneurs bring their Module Handbook –Enterprise and Innovation; An international perspective. Version date – 02/02/2015 6 ideas/products/services to the international market. Critically assess the factors which have made individuals and organisations successful. 5. Establish the different options available for raising funds to finance international entrepreneurial activities. 6. Develop the practical skills required to create an international business plan. 7. Evaluate the different aspects of intellectual property protection within different national contexts.


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