In Managing the myths of health care , Henry Mintzberg discusses the â??Gap Issue,â? which raises t

In Managing the myths of health care , Henry Mintzberg discusses the “Gap Issue,†which raises the question, “how do you bring the administration of health care closer to the operations, connecting it for support beyond control?†Describe why it is important to reduce the gap between administration and operations in health care; and what factor(s) hinder the gap from being reduced. (Write 250 words)Summary: Managing the myths of health careHealth care is filled with myths that impede industry development and effective management. It is therefore imperative that these myths are debunked and replaced with factual ideas and processes that will lead the health care system away from the mess it is continuously recycled in.According to article, the myths say that our failing health care system can only be fixed by social engineering and heroic leaders; and by treating it like a business left in the hands of the private sector.The author does not agree with this. He is of the view that the health care system should be treated as independent parts that can work seamlessly together in a system of cooperation and collaboration, where community needs and organizational commitment come before professional and economic goals, and management is distributed beyond the top.


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