In the Private International Law/Conflict of Laws a great deal of case law that has arisen has been.

In the Private International Law/Conflict of Laws a great deal of case law that has arisen has been centred around international issues of marriage or international issues regarding children


Produce a handout on the following subject: Conflict of Laws & Children (Chapter 11)

PART A- The summary of the topic: Organize your work by topic and format it to differentiate by topic, sections, subsections relevant materials, examples, etc. Use section headings to organize the material in a way that is both organized stylistically and which is meaningful to you. Remember to include details of case law Provide descriptions and definitions of concepts and terms in your OWN language. The full text version of your handout should be at least 1,500 words in length and size 10-12 point font – Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Courier, or Times. The handout can either be a Word document or a Powerpoint presentation.

PART B & C- Your handout must additionally include: PART B: At least one exam scenarios on your own as if you’re the professor teaching the class, the exam scenario must be given with their answers which should come from your handout. PART C: Examples of at least one case upon which judgments have been made involving Islamic Law and English/Scottish Law in England, Wales and Scotland, either in regard to either ‘conflict of laws and marriage’ or ‘conflict of laws and children’ depending upon your chosen topic. Each example must be (a) a maximum of 400 words (b) include a short case summary and, (c) include a critical analysis on the significance of the case on the area of ‘Conflict of Laws’. Attachment previewChildren

Questions of private international law in relations to children arise in a number of different context.


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