Internal Environment Analysis of Chipotle Mexican Grill… 1 answer below »

Internal Environment Analysis of Chipotle Mexican Grill (
1. Discuss the business’s core and distinctive competencies. Remember that competencies are capabilities; they are something that you do(activities, processes, routines) and should be phrased that way.(Sources of absolute advantage…) – at least 1 page

2. Does the business have anycomparative advantage(s)? If yes, explain the source of this comparative advantage and what value chain activities it impacts. If no, explain why you don’t think they have any comparative advantage(s).Please note that not every business possesses comparative advantage. – at least 1 page

comparative advantage: A comparative advantage in producing or selling a good is possessed by an individual, firm or country if they experience the lowest

opportunity cost in producing the good

Please use APA citation. Total length: at least 2 pages.


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