International Law “International Law” Please respond to the following: Propose why the United…

International Law

“International Law”  Please respond to the following:Propose why the United States is not on board with all of the efforts,
tribunals, courts, and declarations of international law. Give an example.Give your opinion: Do you trust that international law is impartial? Why or
why not?

Current Events – International Law”  Please respond to the following:Select an event in recent history involving international law.Describe the event, the parties involved, and the issue in dispute.Assess whether international law was applied effectively in this case, and
explain your answer.……………..Answer Preview……………

The United State of America is not on board with most international laws, courts and tribunal because they feel the court can be politically influenced to prosecute its citizens, soldiers and peacekeepers. The U.S.A feels that the court would subject its citizens to arrests by foreign bodies and oblige the U.S.A consent to these arrests then comply with rulings. Another reason is that the U.S.A wants to remain being sovereign on their territory and are not keen on surrendering their power hands of another vast bureaucracy (Boyle, 1985).

According to my opinion, the international law is much influenced by political manipulation of western and powerful nations to oppress others. I view it as totally impartial that is dominated by countries that are targeting their perceived enemies. The …………………


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