Interpretation of Michelangelo’s Pieta So you’ve done your formal analysis and written about your…

Interpretation of Michelangelo’s PietaSo you’ve done your formal analysis and written about your piece’s historical context; now it’s time to go deeper—critical and theoretical interpretation.

Please write a 1500-2000 word essy (1500 is the absolute minimum) covering a critical and/or theoretical topic or topics. This paper involves researching books and academic journal articles. Questions that you might ask to start are: what does this work “say” about the politics of its time? Does it reinforce or challenge dominant ideologies? Other approaches could be: how would a Feminist read this? A Marxist? What deeper meanings have art historians and scholars uncovered?

Do you have your own ideas about your piece that you can corroborate with other research? Perhaps you might survey the different theories about your work’s meaning…CITE ALL YOUR SOURCES.


Font: Times New Roman or Helvetica, 12 pt.

Spacing: Double-spaced, with standard 1 inch margins.

Page Order: Title Page, Historical Context, Bibliography, Image

Title page: Please include a title page with your name, the date, the title of the assignment and the title of your paper.

Headers: Please include a page number and your name in the upper right corner.

Citations: Citation is still paramount. You must follow Chicago format. Below are good online guides to Chicago Style if you are unfamiliar. As for citations, we want footnotes or endnotes, NOT parenthetical citations.

Chicago Style Explanation (Links to an external site.)

Chicago Manual Citation Quick Guide (Links to an external site.)

Word Citation Youtube Tutorial for Mac (Links to an external site.)

How to Add Footnotes in Word on Mac (Links to an external site.) [keyboard shortcut: Option-Command-f]

Bibliography: A separate bibliography page is expected. At the top of a separate page, label “Bibliography” or “Works Cited” and simply list your sources cited in Chicago Style Format. This should include ALL of the sources you referenced in preparing to write your paper, even if you did not use them in the footnotes.

** For your final paper, you may only use TWO websites as sources. Any websites used must have an author or institution, which need to be included in your citations and bibliography. If you are not sure of the credibility of a site, refer to this guide:

You must also include at least TWO print sources in your bibliography. These can include a book or a journal article. For these it will be helpful to use the library’s databases and search engines.

Please note: The Title Page and the Bibliography are not included in your page count.

***Strictness on formatting is exponential. By this paper everything should be correct. Do not lose points by not double-checking your formatting.***

***We will be much stricter on formatting this time around. Do not lose points by not double-checking your formatting.***

***You need to use a PDF or .docx (Microsoft Word document) in order to correctly submit the assignment. If you are working in Pages, PLEASE convert the document to .PDF or .docx before uploading. Pages is not compatible with Canvas. Thanks.


3 sources………………..Answer Preview………………Appreciation of history lies in whatever little clue man finds in the environment. Every event that has been in the books of history has some proof attached to it to indicate that the event actually happened. Among the many sources of historical information are scrolls, books, and forms of art that may have survived the through time. Sculptures survive for longer periods of time than other forms of art mainly because they are often made of durable material. In contrast, paintings are more likely to be destroyed as they are made…………………….MLA1,772 Words Added to cart


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