Interview AssignmentYou will read the following interview of an American expatriate who works for a

Interview AssignmentYou will read the following interview of an American expatriate who works for a large US corporation. This person has moved family and belongings to another country to work in management for a few years. It is a practice of many large US corporations to send their promising executives to foreign countries to work in one of their overseas operations so that will have an understanding of how important each piece of the operation is to the company.After you have read the interview and perhaps done a little research concerning what was said, please write a one page summary of your impression of how US management is trained to perhaps take over a top executive position with a company that has international besides domestic operations.Interview due in dropbox by Midnight of Sunday Week 8. InterviewInterview With A High-Ranking Executive at XYZ Company (Expatriate)Interviewer:Thank you for taking time to answer some questions for our international business class.Would you please tell us about yourself, your background and how you decided to work for the company you are with? How many years have you been with this company?Executive:I have been working with XYZ for just shy of 13 years. I was recruited by XYZ upon completion of my MBA at Duke/Fuqua School of Business, and joined the Revenue Management group within the Marketing and Planning organization. My roles in Revenue Management covered the Domestic US, Europe, and Latin America. After 4 years in RM, I moved to the Passenger Sales organization as the manager of the Sales Strategy group. About 2 years later, I was promoted to the Managing Director for Sales Planning, and for the last 3 years, I have been heading up XYZ’s Sales and Marketing efforts in the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and India region.The flexibility of creating your own career path is what drew me to XYZ 13 years ago.Interviewer:How does your company decide who will make a good expatriate?Executive:At XYZ, we have very few expat positions. As such, we see these positions as ‘investment’ opportunities for key performers. A good expat at XYZ is someone that has a proven track record, someone who will continue to grow within the company, and who will contribute solidly to the team.Looking at the question slightly differently, we also have positions that we have historically filled with expats. These occur if there is a desire/need for the company to have someone at a particular location that has prior relevant experience in order to provide the appropriate leadership, corporate culture or training to a team.Interviewer:What kind of cross cultural training did you get?Executive:Our cross cultural training is not formal. We generally have well-traveled individuals given our industry. I am based in the UK, so my training was on-the-job. There is a saying here that the US and the UK are ‘divided by a common language’. It is true.I also have expat employees that work within my organization in more far-reaching places such as Russia. In those markets, we provide language courses at a minimum. We also rely on the US Embassy as well as local trade organizations as both have an interest in providing cross-cultural understanding and training.Interviewer:How long does the company usually have an expatriate stay in the host country?Executive:Depending on the posting, they tend to be set for a 3-5 year timeline.Interviewer:How long have you been where you are posted?Executive:My family and I have been in London for 3 years.Interviewer:What kind of language training does your company arrange for expatriates and their families?Executive:As the facilities and providers differ for each country, we ask the local HR representative or the expat employee to locate an appropriate language course, and we will reimburse the fees for the family. The courses are generally 6-12 weeks in length.Interviewer:What kind of package are they afforded in a foreign country? (i.e. house, school for children, car and driver, maid service?)Executive:Our expat compensation package is based on the premise of equity between your home country and your host country. In general, it is structured so that the employee is no worse or better off as a result of taking the expat assignment.Interviewer:How important is your family’s happiness to your successful time in a foreign country?Executive:An expat assignment is only successful if the family is also content with the assignment. It is difficult for an individual on an expat assignment, or any employee, to focus on work if the family is unhappy in the host country. I am fortunate that my family is very happy with our London assignment.Interviewer:How many trips are you given back home while you are posted in your host country?Executive:We are provided 2 round trips a year back to our home country, as well as travel days for the journey. Admittedly, by working for an airline, it is rather easier for us to get back to the US on rather short notice if we wanted to go more regularly.Interviewer:Is there a corporate residence in some of the places that your company might send an employee?Executive:Not generally. The first task on the list when you are a successful candidate for an expat position is to find a place to live.Interviewer:Thank you so much for taking time to answer these questions. You have helped us understand what the company can expect of the expat and what the expat can expect from the company.


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