Invasion of privacy 3 paragraphs > > *Topic: *Please read the following problem. Use Westlaw..

Invasion of privacy

3 paragraphs
> *Topic: *Please read the following problem. Use Westlaw to conduct your
> research. Provide one case that answers the question at hand. Give *The
> Bluebook* citation to the case as well as the Facts, Issue, Rule, Analysis,> and Conclusion of the case. Then apply the case to the fact situation.
> Your client has come to you for advice with a legal issue she is having.
> About a month ago the mail carrier mistakenly delivered her neighbor’s
> credit card statement to her home. Your client opened it before she
> realized that it was not addressed to her. She was just a little curious,
> so she did spend a few minutes looking it over, before carefully putting it
> back in the envelope. She then promptly took it to her neighbor and
> explained the mistake. She did not tell anyone else about the information
> she found out.
> Although your client apologized, her neighbor is furious and wants to sue
> your client for invasion of privacy. Your supervising attorney has told you
> there are four types of invasion of privacy. He has asked you to find out
> which one your client might have committed. Please use Westlaw to research
> for case law that may be helpful with this issue. Once you locate a case
> from your jurisdiction, please provide the citation, facts, issue, rule,
> analysis, and conclusion.…………..Answer Preview……………….

According to the client’s explanation, the type of invasion of privacy that she committed was intrusion. This is because she accessed her neighbor’s personal information regarding her financial status without her consent. This is based on the fact that she went on reading the statement despite knowing that t was accidentally sent to her.

            An example of a case relating to invasion of a person’s or organization privacy was the Houchins Vs. KQED, Inc, in 1978. During this case, a KQED respondent had been denied access to a portion in a jail in Little Greyston, where a prisoner had committed………………APA319 Words Added to cart


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