legal implications Legal implications: Read the hypothetical case scenario and the relevant statute.

legal implications

Legal implications: Read the hypothetical case scenario and the relevant statute and consider these questions:

1. Under Section 11-52-7(b), what are the possible legal implications for Joe’s actions?

2. Does your answer change if Joe’s Facebook® page and Twitter® accounts are restricted and only accessible to approved friends? What about if he did not post the information on Facebook and Twitter but just e-mailed it to Bobby? Why or Why not?

Case Study 1

Chris and Meg are both in class. Toward the middle of the term there is an Assignment to create interrogatories relevant to the case they have been studying all term. The Assignment is due in a couple of days and, due to a family emergency, followed by being in bed all weekend with the flu, Chris has not had a chance to work on his Assignment and is very stressed out. Meg feels badly for Chris and, because she has finished her Assignment, she offers to loan Chris a copy of her paper so that he can look it over to get a sense of how she structured her interrogatories, figuring that should help Chris not feel so overwhelmed and make the project manageable for him. Chris gratefully accepts the offer. Meg sends him her interrogatories in an e-mail attachment.
As Chris reads over Meg’s paper, he agrees with the basic ideas of her interrogatories, but there are a few things that he would word a bit differently. Chris reasons that since he agrees with Meg’s concepts, it would make more sense to make a full copy of Meg’s Assignment and go through it line by line, changing the sentences to sound like him. Occasionally he adds a couple of sentences to expand on a thought. He then creates a coversheet with only his name on it and turns it in.

As Professor Griffin reads through the analysis, he is struck by the similarity between Chris and Meg’s papers, in fact when he compares them, he realizes that they are outlined identically, and, in parts, they are worded identically and even where the wording varies, the concepts are the same.

Case Study 2
In this unit, you were asked to locate and read the article “Criminal Consequences of Sending False Information on Social Media.” The article discusses a Rhode Island law that can be located on Westlaw with the citation R.I. Gen. Laws 11-52-7.

Please locate the statute and read section (b). When you are finished reading, consider the following hypothetical scenario and respond to the questions :

Joe knows that his friend Bobby – a student at the same university – is looking forward to the university basketball game that night, which starts at 7:00 P.M. To play a practical joke on Bobby, Joe posts to Bobby’s Facebook wall and Twitter account that the start of the game has been changed to 8:00 P.M.
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