Managing the Legal Environment: Multiplex and Wembley stadium…. 1 answer below »

The basic facts and account of the project and the issues that arose can be found at this location:
There is also other information available – and some will be loaded into moodle (although you can find other information on this case in a variety of locations).
Other facts relevant to the discussion and analysis. The contract had Multiplex agreeing to take responsibility for construction of the stadium for a fixed maximum of £356m. The project was 18 months overdue and massively over budget (est in excess of £900m). Death, danger and damage caused additional delays and uncertainty. Legal action was taken both by and against Multiplex – principally involving Mott MacDonald and Cleveland Bridge (but not only). The contract included a penalty clause of £14000/day. £120m in lottery funding was granted for the purpose. A range of events and competitions (including the FA Cup final) – 12 in all – had to be relocated to other venues during 2006. Questions:
What were the principal issues that arose from the contracts to which Multiplex was a party? How w


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