Must be creative, critical and analytical and unique. Must centre around the purpose of the research

Must be creative, critical and analytical and unique. Must centre around the purpose of the research ie the main topic question. Should debate the assumptions and adequacy of the viewpoints read about. Should be able to illustrate the same argument or assertion from various sources and perspectives as well as criticising and raising questions related to the points in the review. Needs to be presented under headings which relate to and cross reference the source material. Not presented book by book, article by article or author by author. Identify points and issues and analyse them critically. Be selective with research. Must be relevant. A list of references in alphabetical order needs to be added at the end. Question: Should children new to the UK be introduced to formal education before emotional and social needs are met in full? Having worked in a multicultural school for a while now I have always found it interesting when children arrive from other countries and are placed immediately in our school / classroom when they have no form of English. Some of these children have come from unsettled backgrounds to begin with and remain unsettled for some time and therefore unable to learn properly. Dowling, M. (2014: 20) Young Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development 4th edn, Sage, London. A problem can arise where the expectations for behaviour differ from home to settingAll that practitioners can do is attempt to modify these messages by presenting an alternative view and trying to provide conditions to demonstrate them. NALDIC (2018) these pupils also have distinct and different needs from other pupils by virtue of the fact that they are learning in and through an additional language, whilst also learning that language. National Union of Teachers (2002:2) Relearning to Learn In many ways, the task faced by teachers is the same with regard to all new children. They have to make them feel welcome, provide support, encourage friendships, make sensitive assessments of their current levels of attainment and learning needs, and provide a curriculum that meets those needs. NALDIC (2018) The learners first or home language plays a significant role in the learning of the additional language in terms of cognitive, linguistic and socio-cultural influences. The sample I will use are case studies from my current workplace where the effects on learning can be seen of children who have come from emotionally stable backgrounds when entering the UK and those children who have not. These case studies will be anonymous and the children will not be identifiable. I propose to look at who are the EAL learners and these barriers: social / background, SEN specific, services cut to schools. Moving on to strategies and outcomes and transition to school and then into the next setting. Must refer to BERA Ethical guidelines 2011. BERA (2011) Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research Dissertation should be masters level and sectioned using an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results / discussion etc.


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