Objective: To write a persuasive and effective marketing letter. Due: The beginning of next class ..

Objective: To write a persuasive and effective marketing letter.

Due: The beginning of next class .

Weight: 8%

Instructions: Choose one of the following scenarios and write the marketing letter draft required (1-2 pages suggested; 3 pages MAX). Be concise and clear. Include as much information as you need, inventing where necessary. Focus on the benefits of the product rather than “hype” or “filler”.

As the layouts of these scenarios are ‘miserable by design’, formatting will be a graded component of your draft letter. Since this assignment is mostly about the effective application of persuasive and marketing techniques, a “basic” grade will be given to those who merely recycle the wording of these scenarios. _______________________________________________________________

SCENARIO 1; Challenge Level = MODERATE : You are the Sales Manager of COMCAN Electronics,1457 Bellavista Park, Burnaby BC V9J 2G4. Fax: 604‑291‑1100. Email: sales@comcan.con. Website: http://www.comcan.con/safescan. COMCAN manufactures and sells wireless digital security systems for light industry and is entering the home security market. YOUR NEWEST PRODUCT: The Safescan, a wireless answering system. It allows residents of high-end apartment buildings and condos to view callers on their phones or dedicated screen before admitting them. The security software, linked to a deadbolt locking mechanism, has been proven in high-security industrial applications. Facial recognition software also allows for a quick-entry feature for owners and property managers; no more lock outs…and better security!

TEST MARKETING has been done in Victoria, Peterborough, Regina and Trois Rivieres. Results have been positive; feel free to invent specifics. TARGET MARKET: Property Managers of medium and upper‑income apartment buildings in major urban centres.

MARKETING PLAN: includes a direct mail (targeted) promotional campaign involving an e-mail package. This package consists of video demos and testimonials, an electronic sales letter, and a password that the potential customer can use to ask for a demonstration of the Safescan system from a regional representative. Promotion includes a bonus of the new LG-FLEX-Z phone for each apartment in the customer’s building. As well, purchasers of the Safescan who order before June 3, 2019, qualify for a lottery whose prize is a trip for two to Hawaii, including first‑class airfare and one week’s accommodation at the Royal Kona Hotel on the Big Island.

PRICING: is at the upper end of the price range for the target market. The system will sell initially for $459.00 per apartment unit, but the price will increase after two months (July 2, 2019) to $519.00.     Continued…

DIRECT MAIL PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH: Planned for April 3, 2018.

ADVERTISING: In major magazines and newspapers starting the week of April 15.

Write the marketing letter for the direct mail promotion.

SCENARIO 2; Challenge Level = LOW : You are the owner of Blue Skies Travel, a travel agency specializing in ocean cruises, at 4890 Frontier Street, New Westminster, BC V9K 202. Fax: 604‑616‑7799. Email: blueskies@intergate.bc.ca.

THE PRODUCT: A 3‑week Sports, Fitness and Beauty Cruise on the Moon Princess, a recently renovated cruise ship; a marketing “perk” includes the reality that clients will be visiting and (therefore) financially supporting many towns and communities ravaged by the fall, 2018 storms . Dates: May 6 ‑ May 27, 2019. Ports of call will include Caracas, Port au Prince, Georgetown Barbados, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. Departure is from Miami.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Low‑calorie, low‑cholesterol diets; former decathlete Bill Murphy as sports consultant; dance company director Joan Filippi as beauty and movement consultant; Sigrid von Huene as women’s fitness consultant; daily spa sessions while at sea; a new jogging track and fitness gym; badminton, racquetball and netball courts; a mini‑driving range; daily beauty seminars; yoga, tai chi, and low‑impact aerobics classes; jazz dancing for beginners and intermediates.

MARKETING PLANS: This is a trip targeted at repeat cruise clients, that is, people who have previously booked cruises with your agency; you have created a Cruise Club for these faithful customers.

SPECIAL OFFERS include a Cruise Club gift, dinner at the Captain’s table and free transportation on and offshore on one port of call trip. Three‑year members of the Cruise Club, if they book this cruise, are eligible for a lottery prize gift of a picnic basket packed with one bottle of French champagne and two Waterford crystal wine glasses, as well as picnic items suitable for a shore excursion. The grand prize is a free trip on the following year’s cruise; the draw for this lottery will take place on the last night at sea.

BOOKING DATES: You have blocked 55 spaces on this cruise. Your first payment ($1,000) to the Cruise Line must be made by April 20, 2019. Final payment is due May1, 2019. You must include firm booking dates in your sales letter.

COST: The cost of the cruise varies according to deck and cabin size; the range is from $4,600 to $9,500, including airfare Vancouver‑Miami and return.

Write a marketing letter to cruise club clients.

SCENARIO 3 : Choose one of the following two letters (a or b) and MAKE IT BETTER. (1-2 pages suggested; 3 pages MAX). Be concise and clear. Include as much information as you need, inventing where necessary. Focus on details and benefits rather than “hype” or “filler”. Finally, here’s an opportunity to apply the marketing strategies discussed in class!

Fundraising Letter A; Challenge Level = HIGH :

Dear Mr. Illya Kuryakin ,


Thank you for your recent $120.00 donation supporting the Alberta wolf relocation program.

As you know, we are as dedicated to preserving domestic livestock herds as are the ranchers who own them. However, the killing of wolf “predators” continues! This is both a short-term and a short-sighted solution. That’s why we now require additional support from concerned members of the community like you who want to help us protect these beautiful animals.

Every one of the 132 wolves we’ve captured and relocated this year has been examined by a veterinarian. The wolves receive inoculations to prevent rabies, among other diseases. Therefore, the relocated wolves pose little threat of disease to wildlife, their pack, or the occasional domestic animal or human who might encounter them.

In the wilderness areas where they will be relocated, wolves help keep the population of caribou, moose, and deer under control, and they cull injured or sick animals from the herd. However, wolves fear human beings and will avoid people whenever possible. Our North American wolves do not attack humans.

We also need to fund our educational and outreach programs. Once people know a little more about wolves in general, the number of wolf killings deceases dramatically!

Did you know wolves have strong family ties and often mate for life? Female wolves give birth to about four to six pups, and both parents supply food and help train the pups. In fact, the wolf pack is usually a family group. And just as families call to their children, wolves sometimes howl to keep their pack together. When a single pack member is killed or hunted, the whole pack can disband into individual marauders who now must struggle to survive just a single winter.

Stop this from happening! We invite you to rejoin our effort to save wolves.

Call 1-800-544-8333 to receive more information.


Carroll Paulding

Carroll Paulding, President

Marketing Letter B; Challenge Level = MODERATE :

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce that Scrub-a-Dub has added a new service, the Car Care Club.

It costs $15.95 for a lifetime membership (your car’s lifetime) and features our computer automation. You’ll be given a bar-coded sticker for your windshield so our computers can identify you as a club member when you pull in. If you sign up within the next 30 days, we will grant you a SuperWash for free.

The new club offers the standard Scrubb-a-Dub Touch-less systems to protect your finishes, our private formula Superglo detergent to clean your car safely and thoroughly, wheel sensors to prescribe the right treatment for whitewalls, wire, or chrome, soft, heated well water to eliminate spots, soft-cloth drying for final gloss. We also recycle our water and grant you a free wash on your birthday.

In addition, club members only will have access to a 48-hour guarantee (free rewashes) or 4 days if you purchased the premium Super Wash, Luxury Wash, Special or Works Wash. After 10 washes, our computer will award you a free wash. Also available only to club members are $5 rebates for foam waxes (Turtle Wax, Simonize, or Blue Coral). Some additional specials will be granted by us to car club members, on an unplanned basis.

We can handle special requests if you inquire of our Satisfaction Supervisors.

REMEMBER: We honour our customers with refunds if they remain unsatisfied after a rewash. This is our Bumper-to-Bumper Guarantee.


Lester and Earl Scrubs



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