Policy and Procedures – Template Description of the enterprise to which this policy applies…

Policy and Procedures – Template

Description of the enterprise to which this policy applies

Include here a brief description of your enterprise. You may use the same business that you are developing for BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan or you can define another enterprise.

As you are developing the Policy you will need to ensure that your procedures link with your description

Your description should include the following points:

1.Business type, eg restaurant, café, hotel

2.Business size: number of covers, number of rooms, number of employees

3.Business style: family restaurant, fine dining, 5 star

Policy Title

1. Purpose -what

A statement about what the policy aims to achieve.

This statement should refer to the laws/regulations that will be covered in the policy, including, where applicable:

· Key practices that are prohibited or required by the law

· Main consequences of non-compliance

· Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers

2. Scope / Application -who

This statement must identify specific people or groups of people to whom the policy applies. It must identify who must follow the policy and procedures and who is responsible for monitoring that the policy is followed.

3. Definitions

· This section could be optional but if there are any words, technical phrases or acronyms used in the policy that need explanation, they should be defined here.

· Do not leave any room for misunderstanding or ambiguity.

4. Standards / SOPs / Procedures –how and where

The specific details of the procedures.

· These are the specific instructions to the staff explaining all the steps needed to achieve compliance with the laws/regulations outlined in 1. Purpose

· These procedures may be in a written format, a flow chart, checklist or a combination of all three.

5. Dissemination / Distribution of the Policy

· The actions needed to ensure the policy will work.

· Actions might include: training, meetings, induction programs or satisfying external legal requirements.

· How will you explain the policy to the staff?

· If there are any legal requirements (eg food handler’s certificate) they should be stated here

6. Monitoring and Reporting

· Explains how the policy and procedures will be monitored.

· How will you monitor the staff to ensure they are following your procedures?

· Explain what records you will keep.

· How long you will keep them.

· Are there any statutory records that must be kept?

· Explain how any reporting required to a statutory authority is undertaken.

7. Review- when

· This explains how often will the policy and procedures be checked to make sure they are still up to date?

· How and where will you check to see if the policy is current?

· Are there any professional advisors or organisations who can assess your procedures for you?

· Can you subscribe to an update service? If so, who and where – include the subscription address.

End of Policy Template


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