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Please use General Motors as the organization to develop and present a 5-slide strategy. You will develop your strategy from a leadership perspective, with your intended audience being the executive team at your company.

Please make sure to use Jack’s 5-slide strategy methodology can be found in Chapter 11 of Winning book.

1. Present your key findings and analysis for each of the four elements on Power Point slides with Notes for the General Motors company using Jacks 5 Slide strategy from his book winning chapter 11:

• Slide 1 – The playing field

• Slide 2 – The competition

• Slide 3 – Your organization

• Slide 4 – What’s around the corner? And

Slide 5 – Persuasively and logically present your “Winning Move” 3. PowerPoint slides include talking points in the "Notes" pane. The talking points demonstrate thought process, rationale, and presentation planning.


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