PSY201Module 8, Personal Statement Instructions and RubricDIRECTIONS:Read through the assignment. Fo

PSY201Module 8, Personal Statement Instructions and RubricDIRECTIONS:Read through the assignment. For this assignment you will research a graduate program in psychologyand write a personal statement that you would submit as part of the application process.Submit your personal statement to the assignment Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.(This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)Like a well-developed resume or vita, personal statements take a concerted effort over a protracted period of time.For this assignment, you will construct a generic personal statement that you might eventually submit as part of agraduate school application. Please answer the following questions in no fewer than 300 and no more than 750words. Use no larger than 12-point, Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Please double-space thedocument.Statement of Purpose Question:1. What has prompted your interest in graduate professional education in (INSERT PROGRAM AREA HERE)?2. What are your interests and objectives in completing this program?3. What future goals and plans have you developed?Personal Statement RubricTailored to a specific graduate program and schoolReasons that prompted interest in that grad schoolPrevious research experienceInterests: Specific faculty area that interests you.What interests you about that faculty member’s work?Relevant internship/ volunteer experienceCareer goals/Objective in completing the programDoes NOT discuss own mental health, experienceswith therapy, or personal heartachesUses concrete examplesCorrect grammar, punctuation, spelling300-750 words in lengthExpresses self effectively and succinctlyPresents self as motivated, upbeat, positiveExplains how attitudes, values, and personal qualitieshave influenced academic record and accomplishmentsEmphasizes how personal qualities will help one succeed inGrad schoolPoor111222333444Excellent5551112223334445551111112222223333334444445555551234512345Total: ___________Comments:Page 1


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