public nuisance Question 1. 1. A public nuisance can affect only a single person and be actionable..

public nuisanceQuestion 1.1. A public nuisance can affect only a single person and be actionable by the prosecutor. (Points : 4)


 Question 2.2. Under public nuisance, the public’s common legal rights are affected. (Points : 4)


 Question 3.3. In a nuisance action, the most common equitable remedies are: (Points : 4)

 a. abatement
 b. injunction
 c. money damages
 a and b
 all of the above

 Question 4.4. The most common remedy in tort actions is money damages, in which the defendant must pay the plaintiff a sum of money to satisfy the judgment. (Points : 4)


 Question 5.5. All of the following are remedies for nuisance except (Points : 4)

 Money damages.
 Liquidated damages.

 Question 6.6. Many state courts and legislatures have abolished or significantly limited sovereign immunity during the past 20 years. (Points : 4)


 Question 7.7. Under private nuisance, unreasonable use that substantially interferes with neighboring land uses can be defined in terms of (Points : 4)

 Strict liability.
 All of the above.
 None of the above.

 Question 8.8. The governmental/proprietary distinction is used by some courts in cases involving (Points : 4)

 Sovereign immunity.
 Products liability.
 Public nuisance.
 Intentional torts.
 None of the above.

 Question 9.9. Governmental functions often include public provision of police, fire, and ambulance services. (Points : 4)


 Question 10.10. The term use and enjoyment is often used in (Points : 4)

 Nuisance cases.
 Negligence per se cases.
 Wrongful death cases.
 Wrongful birth cases.
 None of the above.



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