QUESTION 1A specific value, such as “999,” is often used to identify a missing variable, rather than

QUESTION 1A specific value, such as “999,” is often used to identify a missing variable, rather than leaving the field blank. Ideally this would be defined…In a codebookBefore data entry beginsBy the IRBboth by the IRB and before data entry beginsboth in a codebook and before data entry begins.QUESTION 2A FILL IN THE BLANKcan reduce data entry time and improve data quality, but can be more difficult to implement, especially when documentation of informed consent is required.InterviewPaper surveyElectronic surveyPhone surveyQUESTION 3A variable assigns a rank to responses, whereas a variable has no implicit ranking.Ordinal, ratioRatio, categoricalInterval, binomialOrdinal, categoricalRegression modeling can be used to test the extent to which a variable or variables predict a particular outcome.TrueFalse.QUESTION 7Responsibilities of a study PI include which of the following? (Check all that apply)Ensuring that funds are managed according to the budget.Determine whether the protocol will protect the welfare and rights of subjects.The study protocol is followed appropriately.Any adverse events are reported.QUESTION 8Outcome variables for studies based on 2×2 tables (case control, cohort) must be…BinomialCategoricalRatioCodedQUESTION 9Increasing your sample size will have what effect on the confidence interval around your outcome?The CI will become narrowerThe CI will become widerThe CI will become tallerSample size has no effect on CIQUESTION 10Any given study participant has an equal chance of being assigned to the intervention or control group is researchers are using…?A non-random sampling strategyA simple random sampleA cluster sampleA stratified random sampleQUESTION 11The NIH data sharing policy requires researchers to submit data to NIH as it is collected.TrueFalseQUESTION 12Testing a questionnaire is important in order to ensure that wording is clear, that questions are asked in the best order, and to determine the amount of time taken to complete a response.AgreeNeutralDisagreeI don’t know


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