Respond to the following ten questions. Have at least one in-text citation per question, such as…

Respond to the following ten questions. Have at least one in-text citation per question, such as [Moseley, 47], unless it is entirely an opinion question. Use quotes if you copy three or more words and include an in-text citation. Use a minimum of three resources – the textbook, the video provided, and one outside source that you have researched Instruction

1. Discuss why supervisors need to make so many decisions. 2. Compare and contrast programmed and non-programmed decisions. 3. Think of a decision you need to make and use the six basic steps of the decision-making process to work through this. If you can’t think of anything, work through whether you should take a summer class or not or what fall classes should you enrol in. 4. In your own words, discuss the four internal dimensions in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Give personal examples of each dimension. 5. Describe the five participation styles, developed by Vroom-Yetton. Give personal examples for each style. 6. What is the relationship between levels of management and span of control? Explain the advantages and disadvantages. 7. Distinguish between line and staff functions. Are they always easily identified in various types of business enterprises? Justify the existence of both line and staff departments. 8. What conflicts may arise between line and staff personnel? What reasons can you give for these problems? How does effective communication ease the conflict? 9. What are the three types of authority? Do they all exist in all four stages of functional growth? 10. What are some factors that favour centralization or decentralization?


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