Sandra, who runs a florist shop, decides to replace the van which she uses to make deliveries… 1 answer below »

Sandra, who runs a florist shop, decides to replace the van which she uses to make deliveries. She attends a long-established street market in used cars, where she sees a van with a notice in the front window which reads: FOR SALE: Low kilometres. When Sandra takes a look of the odometer, its reading is 42,224 km. After a thorough inspection and a test drive Sandra enters into a contract to buy the van from Matthew. What is her legal position in the following circumstances:- a) Sandra discovers that the van’s real odometer reading was 90,800 km. b) Sandra discovers that the clutch was defective. c) Sandra has now been informed by the police that the van was stolen six months previously and that it must be returned to its true owner. Question 2 Fred recently obtained a 58” Plasma colour TV set. What are Fred’s rights and the source of rights in the following circumstances:- a) Just as he is sitting down to watch ‘Match of the Day’, there is a flash and a puff of smoke from the back of the TV and the screen goes black. Fred bought the set new from a local department store. He paid for it in cash. b) Fred obtained the TV from his brother-in-law, Tony, by swapping his laptop. Fed was assured by Tony that it was a colour TV, but so far he has only got a black and white picture. c) Fred is an Aussie Soccer enthusiast. He told the salesman at Happy Nolan TV World Ltd, a local electrical shop, that he wanted a TV that would receive Channel 11 broadcasts. Fred has now discovered that he cannot get Channel 11 with this particular model.


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