security I’m attaching the pdf file to get the information and attach another file of similar work..


I’m attaching the pdf file to get the information and attach another file of similar work that i need it to be done in the same way.

You are the security manager for a mid-sized company (3,000 to 5,000 employees). Your company has determined that confidentiality (or privacy) and data integrity are the security services you must provide to your work force. 10% of the work force handles company sensitive information, which requires additional security protection. The remainder of the work force must also protect their data, but not to the same level of protection or assurance.

Your assignment is to review the Verisign CPS and recommend the type of certificate(s) (e.g., Class 1) needed for your workforce. Provide a rationale with your recommendation. As the security manager, you also need to ensure cost is kept to a minimum. Even though the CPS does not include cost information, you can find cost data on the Internet. Additionally, you need to identify the security challenges of implementing a Verisign-based solution, as well as the security features provided by this solution.

You also need to identify the security features described in the CPS that support the security requirements for this company.

Hint: Use the Verisign CPS on Bb and select the technical capabilities and security services desired for a specific environment (e.g., financial institution, health care, etc.). Also identify the planning considerations using the CPS and your class notes. You do not need to include detailed cost information, estimates.

Note: Symantec purchased Verisign. Check their website for cost information.



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