Select a current article that is relevant to our course, the Course Objective’s, the chapters…

Select a current article that is relevant to our course, the Course Objective's, the chapters or other relevant legal source. The article should review a new law that was passed statutorily (by a State Legislature, Congress or local jurisdictional body) or approved through a regulatory action or a significant Appellate Court decision. Current developments are primarily obtained from the WSJ, Business Week (see the "Socials Issues" column), Fortune, New York Times, US News & World Report, Fast Company, BBC World Service, CCN World News, etc.). There is also an excellent source of sites listed throughout the textbook.
• Print a copy and highlight the important areas. • Write a two to tlg.m.p.agp, abstract / summary of the article. Your last paragraph should analyze the ethical nature of the law and note a strategy that a business leader should implement in order to mitigate future legal issues related to the new law. • The format should be: o Assignment cover page o Abstract o Copy of the article with highlighted areas.
Course Learning Outcomes: A, B, C, & D


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