standardized test Jamal is a 22-month-old toddler in your home childcare center. He has been in your

standardized testJamal is a 22-month-old toddler in your home childcare center. He has been in your center for 2 weeks and you have some concerns about his development. His mother reports that the pregnancy and birth were non-eventful and that he has developed typically. Jamal’s mother stayed home with him until 2 weeks ago when she took a full-time clerical job. Your concerns about Jamal are two-fold: he is not walking yet and he only says three words consistently: mama, bye-bye, and no.What would be your recommendation for assessing Jamal?Would a standardized test be appropriate? Why or why not? If yes, give examples of appropriate standardized assessments.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of standardized tests.Keeping in mind that you can and should always try to collect assessment data from a variety of sources, what further assessment would you recommend and why?………….Answer Preview…………McMeans, (2009) argue that, dyslexia in children has become a major concern to many parents and educators. It is important to monitor a child’s learning progress. Standardized test is arguably one of the fundamental elements of education. It not only makes learning competent but also, helps parents and teacher to know their child’s progress. I would recommend standardized test for assessing Jamal. It would be appropriate because based in the fact that the boy can say three words. This shows that he is still on progress and using the methodology will enable teachers to evaluate the best means, which they can apply to ………….APA300 words Added to cart


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